In 2010, due to the merger of JSC "Regional legal company" and Ltd. "YurOilGrup", a new company Princeps Consulting Group appeared in the market, providing a full range of consulting services to various business sectors.

Having united these two groups of law firms, it allowed us to bring together great resources and implement larger projects. This association will allow Princeps Consulting Group to become one of the biggest players in this market.

Volgograd legal services market is quite closed, but it is very narrow. There are not a lot of legal firms in the region that have received recognition not only from customers, but also colleagues. And as in any field of knowledge, definite specialists are always noted, people whose opinions are respected, whose advice is followed. According to representatives of the combined teams, partners and customers Princeps Consulting Group feel that there are certain advantages of the new company as it includes the specialists that have proved their high level of qualification.

The merger is a capture of the market, it is an opportunity to develop further. It must be said that the market for legal services in Volgograd is stagnant, so we decided to combine efforts in order to improve the quality of service, to include more experienced and powerful experts, the best in our region. Our company strives to work mutually both with the leading Russian and global law firms. Properly-designed strategy of association will not only create a large firm with a single control center, with a wider specialization, but also provide an opportunity to realize the idea of "open architecture".

This means that we are ready to unite with companies that provide related services, if they have them at the proper high level and share our concept of partnership. This approach allowed us to unite now in a worldwide network of accounting firms, appraisers, experts in different fields of knowledge that will significantly strengthen our position and provide our customers with more convenience while working with us.


JSC "Regional legal company" - a rapidly expanding law firm, established in the hero-city of Volgograd in 2002.

Ltd. "YurOilGrup" - a company, whose main activities since 2003 has been crisis management, maintenance of insolvency, as well as legal support for business organizations of the fuel and energy complex.