26 December 2012

The Volgograd Business Internet television released the new episode of the programme "Law", which is hosted by the managing partner of Princeps Consulting Group, Andrey Lunev. Smirenskaya Elena , PhD, associate professor became the guest of the programme this time. All the issues related to the alimony obligations have been discussed.

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20 December 2012

December 19th in 2012 the Law Firm Princeps Consulting Group conducted a workshop on "Reducing the cost of electricity in 2013." The event was devoted to the topical issues of power supply in continuous legislative changes.

The main speakers were the managing partner of Princeps Consulting Group Andrey Lunev and the head of energy consulting and energy audit Maxim Ivanov.

Topics discussed:

  • Legal support for energy supply contracts and Energoconsulting
  • The risks to consumers and how to minimize them
  • The electricity pricing
  • Building a...
5 December 2012

Managing Partner of Princeps Consulting Group, Andrey Lunev, and an expert in the field of antitrust law, Leonid Potekhin discussed the cartels in the programme "Law" on Volgograd business internet television. What is a cartel? What are the penalties if a few companies agree on a fixed price for a particular product in order to avoid competition? Why are not prices reduced over the years?

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22 November 2012

This time the programme "Law" on Volgograd Business Internet television has been devoted to the question of marriage contract.The programme's host, managing partner of Princeps Consulting Group Andrey Lunev, has invited the President of the Chamber of Notaries of the Volgograd region - Natalia Goncharova.They discussed why a prenuptial agreement can be an excellent basis for a strong family, when and who may sign a marriage contract, what is the role of the notary in such contracts, and how many agreements are signed every year in the Volgograd region.

Here is the video with the...

13 November 2012

Managing Partner of Princeps Consulting Group Andrey Lunev and a well-known blogger of Volgograd Sergey Stukalov discussed copyright in the Internet during the programme "Law" on Volgograd business internet television. How does the Government regulate copyright in the Internet? What to do if your copyright is violated by illegal copying and use of your content (photos, text, design elements, etc.)? These and other questions have been answered by the host and the guest of the programme.

Sergey Stukalov noted: "In itself the copyright isn't very different in various industries,weather...

30 October 2012

In the new issue of the programme "Law"with the host - managing partner of Princeps Consulting Group - Andrey Lunev, the issue of legal aid in Russia, and in Volgograd in particular was discussed. The guest of the programme is the Head of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Volgograd region, Maxim Kolesnikov. Maxim told about the work being done in the region in this area, shared the experience of the Regional Office providing free legal assistance and, most importantly, provided the information where you can get this kind of assistance in the region, and what...

17 October 2012

Managing Partner of Princeps Consulting Group Andrey Lunev and the founder of advisory service for searching lawyers 48prav.ru Alexander Trifonov reported on how to find the right lawyer during the programme "Law" on Volgograd business internet television. The host and the guest answered questions about how to choose a lawyer who will actually help solve legal problems, whether to ask for recommendations from friends, can we rely on newspapers with ads, or use the free online consultation.

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16 October 2012

October 12th, 2012 at 20:00 online broadcast hosted a dinner with the managing partner Princeps Consulting Group Andrey Lunev and the members of the club "My Lawyer" within the project "Lawyer of the city." Such meeting took place not in Moscow but in Volgograd for the first time. The dinner was attended by the representatives of the legal community from Moscow, Volgograd and Samara: Managing Partner of Princeps Consulting Group Andrey Tarasov, founder of the Club "My Lawyer"...

9 October 2012

Управляющий партнёр Princeps Consulting Group Андрей Лунёв и юрист-практик Михаил Измайлов прокомментировали Постановления Пленума Верховного суда РФ №17 от 28.06.2012, относительно закона о защите прав потребителя, в рамках программы «Право» на Волгоградском деловом интернет телевидении. Ведущий и гость программы рассказали, в каких случаях потребителю стоит обращаться в суд, что подлежит возмещению, а также какие дополнительные санкции применяются к ответчику.

М.Измайлов в первую очередь объяснил, куда обращаться, если права потребителя нарушены:  «Существуют...

28 September 2012

The law firm Princeps Consulting Group and the chairman of the club, "My Lawyer" (Moscow), Alexey Sirenko, and other members of the club are going to held a meeing in Volgograd on October 12-14th, 2012. The event is planned in order to introduce the company employees, discuss the legal market in the regions, broadcast the dinner online, do the sightseeing of the city and go fishing together.

Club "My Lawyer" is a modern business club joining progressive-minded lawyers and consumers of legal services. The purpose of the club: consolidation of the legal community to protect common...