Princeps Consulting Group together with RBL held a series of seminars on energetics

On the 24th and 25th of January 2013 the law firm Princeps Consulting Group together with the law firm RBL (Samara) conducted a series of seminars on energetics  "How to save on electricity in 2013."

Seminars were held in the Commerce and Industry Chambers of Samara and Toliatti and Samara State University of Transport and Communications.

The main speakers of the event were the managing partner of Princeps Consulting Group, Andrey Lunev, and the head of energy consulting and energy audit, Maxim Ivanov. The workshop participants were directors, lawyers and senior managers of large organizations.

The seminars covered the following topics:

  • A brief overview of the regulatory framework governing relations in the electricity market and power. Basic concepts in judicial practice;
  • Construction of contractual relationships in the retail electricity market - options, features, pitfalls;
  • Specifications in the electricity pricing - tariffs, price categories, the forecast;
  • How to choose the best rate and what needs to be done;
  • Legal support of energy supply contracts.

A.Lunev shared his impressions of the trip: "We express our deep gratitude to our colleagues from Samara law firm RBL, and to all the participants of the event for their interest and active participation. Those workshops were a great success and were held in a positive mood. We will continue to cooperate in this area."