Andrey Lunev and Mikhail Izmailov discussed the calculation of household fees

The new episode of the programme "Law" on Volgograd Internet TV is dedicated to the housing theme - charges for the household needs. Managing Partner of Princeps Consulting Group, Andrey Lunev, and an expert in the field of public utilities and resource supplies Mikhail Izmailov discussed the specifics of the recalculation of amounts allocated for payment of housing needs.

"Many people ask questions about how the lossesof household needs are calculated. Energy resources are divided into several types: electricity, gas, hot and cold water supply, waste water. For me personally, it is clear where do the charges for electricity come from - lighting of the stairs, basements and so on - this all is clear. But the question of how they calculate hot and cold water fees, for example,is not clear and the managing companies can not answer itr, "-M.Izmailov says.

The detailed discussion is available at the following video: