Copyright and the Internet

Managing Partner of Princeps Consulting Group Andrey Lunev and a well-known blogger of Volgograd Sergey Stukalov discussed copyright in the Internet during the programme "Law" on Volgograd business internet television. How does the Government regulate copyright in the Internet? What to do if your copyright is violated by illegal copying and use of your content (photos, text, design elements, etc.)? These and other questions have been answered by the host and the guest of the programme.

Sergey Stukalov noted: "In itself the copyright isn't very different in various industries,weather it is print press, television or the Internet. In general, there are same rules, but the Internet is still a special environment, which is not yet fully regulated by the state, so there are a lot of problems in the use of copyright applied to the Internet. The main problem is defining the authorship. "

The whole video with the discussion: