The new release of the program "Law" with A.Lunev and L.Evseeva

What is more preferable for the enterpreneur: staff accountant or a specialist, working through outsourcing? How to correctly maintain accounting records, and whether the individual entrepreneur can deal with them himself? Another program "Law" on Volgograd Internet business television gives answers to these and other questions. The managing partner of Princeps Consulting Group, Andrey Lunev and the guest of the program - an expert in the field of tax and accounting - Ludmila Yevseyeva talk about the benefits of accounting through outsourcing.

"Optimal solution for the entrepreneur is to find specialized companies, operating through outsourcing. Dealing with such companies, the entrepreneur, in my opinion, gets fairly inexpensive professional, and the top-level benefit is that there is no need to buy the software and technical equipment, which may be too expensive for the entrepreneur. Moreover, the businessman will not have to pay the salary that goes more than the payment for a specialist in outsourcing. "

A detailed discussion is available at the following video: