"The trial over Socrates" will be held in Moscow

November 19, 2013 at 19:00 in Moscow Great Hall of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of Russia, a public lecture "Great trials. The trial over Socrates" will be read.

The lecture is sponsored by the law firm Princeps Consulting Group. According to managing partner Andrey Lunev, “the decision to support this educational project comes from an unusual format and interesting topic of the lecture. The role and influence of Socrates on the development of philosophical thought, political and legal science basics is fundamental. Let me remind you that the true and strict engorce of the laws was one of the important points of his worldview. One of the main priorities of Princeps Consulting Group is the support and implementation of cultural and educational projects , and this lecture fits into the strategy of the firm.”

Administrator of the event , an expert of the Reference Service 48Prav.ru Alexander Trifonov , says: " I ​​am confident that we have managed to find a middle ground for intellectual activities that are of a big interest for lawyers. Only by knowing and understanding the history, you can be a good lawyer and help the clients. We will be glad to see all lawyers of various specializations . at this event".

One of the greatest historical trials was the case of Socrates. 70 -year-old philosopher, moral authority of the Athens was poisoned by the verdict of the people.

This matter still has many secrets :

  • Why did the Athenian democracy destroy one of its best citizens?
  • Why are the conviction and the sentence mysterious ?
  • Who or what was the "demon of Socrates " referred to in the charges ?
  • Was not the case of Socrates fabricated ... by Socrates himself ?

These and other questions will be discussed in the lecture.


Andrey Makarov , Ph.D.

Yuri Vetyutnev , Ph.D.

The lecture will be relevant for practitioners and lawyers, students of the humanities faculties, as well as a wide range of people interested in Law, Sociology and Philosophy of Law .

Location: Great Hall of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of Russia, Sivtsev Vrazhek lane , 43

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