Land. Construction. Real estate

Legal regulation of relations related to land and real estate in Russia is traditionally quite difficult. The set of semi-legislative laws, regulations and departmental orders, divisions and ambiguities in the interpretation of terms, often opposite law enforcement practice - all this creates obstacles for businesses and organizations engaged in the construction business. Roughly similar pattern is observed in the field of land relations.

For a layman it is difficult to draw any transaction without any errors. Every mistake in this case could lead to significant financial losses.

On behalf of of our lawyers you will get a trusted advisor who will help you professionally and competently to solve problems, as well as to implement plans with high quality and in a short time.

Here are just some of the projects that were implemented within the industry:

  • for a large agricultural holding a legal review of documents confirming the right to land shares was conducted, as well as the full range of activities that allowed to carry out successfully the acquisition of large land area of about 10 000 hectares;
  • for a construction company a number of measures were conducted to support the transaction co-participation in the construction of the complex of residential buildings in the city of Volgograd;
  • a positive decision of the arbitral tribunal about the refusal to allocate an area for building a complex of residential houses was made in a dispute of the construction company and the administration of municipal education.