New episode of the programme “Law” with Andrey Lunev and Alexander Krainov

Managing partner of Princeps Consulting Group Andrey Lunev and lawyer Alexander Krainov talk about the rent agreement for the small business entrepreneurs on Volgograd business internet television. The host and the guest of the program explain that entrepreneurs are often offered the least favorable conditions : the contract is for a term not exceeding 6 months , the owner may terminate the contract at any time in its sole discretion , utility costs are left for the tenant , etc. How to correctly manage your relationship with the owner of the office is explained by the experts in the programme.

A.Krainov: "Entrepreneurs need to study the contract more thoroughly. Signing any type of contract still needs a consultation of a lawyer , such consultation analysis of a contract is not so expensive and in the future will help to avoid problems. "

watch the video for the details: