Agricultural sector

Taking into consideration the current state of Russian agriculture on the one hand and the enormous potential of this industry on the other hand, as well as the ever-increasing demand for food around the world one conclusion can be made: the growth of this industry is inevitable in Russia.

The tendency in recent years in this area is the formation of large agricultural holdings of "full cycle" - from their own land to plant for the production of meat and dairy products. The Volga region is interesting for large and medium agricultural enterprises both because of climatic conditions and geographic location. The experience in greenhouses is quite interesting - that is, the formation of greenhouses, which have proven their effectiveness in relation to the presence of a very large number of sunny days per year.

The regional authorities also have a positive attitude to the traditional agro-industrial holding companies, and it allows you to receive certain preferential advantages in the overall work and the formation of monetary policy.

We have been cooperating for a long time with the enterprises of agroindustrial complex of the region. We provided legal advice and support in the registration of rights for land, worked on the analysis of large investment projects for the conversion and construction of farms, in terms of the specific tax for agricultural producers, in matters of corporate governance of agricultural holding enterprises.

We are confident that our joint work in this area will bring great benefits.