Administrative and Competition Practice

At present, the anti-monopoly regulation of business is increasing significantly.

The need to comply with numerous regulations on the protection of competition occurs during the formation of holding companies, determining pricing, transactions' settlement, the subjects of which are the stakes in the authorized capital stock of legal persons or corporations.

At the same time, responsibility for violation of the antitrust laws has increased significantly. The corresponding changes in the RF Code of Administrative Offences and the Criminal Code allow the organization to impose heavy fines as a percentage of annual revenue, and to prosecute private individuals. Unfair competition, participation in the cartel, a violation of legislation on protection of competition - these and other charges may be directed against the largest companies in Russia, and against the representatives of large and medium-sized regional businesses.

Responsibility for the violation of norms and requirements of the State Technical Supervision is comparable to the degree of negative impact on business. This type of regulation in the normal course of business is faced by most enterprises and owners of dangerous industrial objects.

Thus, the relationship with the administrative authorities plays an important role throughout the process of entrepreneurial activity that requires to address skilled professionals to solve such issues.

Services provided by our specialists of anti-monopoly and administrative practice  allow the customers of Princeps CG to feel confident both in the planning stages of their commercial projects and in the case of disputes with state authorities.

Grow your business, and communication with government officials leave to us.