Intellectual property

Lately in Russia a growth of interest to the questions of intelectual property law has been noted, legal base is developing and judicial practice is forming. This interest is becoming even more relevant because of the fact that intelectual practice is turning into the principal earning and sometimes well-being for a great number of people and organizations. The result is that creativity is becoming not only lofty and nonmaterial concept but business.

The main aim of the practice of Princeps CG – to help our clients to protect their copyrights and  intelectual property in the Russian Federation and in the world.

Our specialist services in this field include:

  • Registration of trademarks, brand names, and other intellectual property rights in Russia and abroad.
  • Dispute resolution in the sphere of intelectual property.
  • Consultation on all aspects of intellectual property law.
  • Due diligence of  intellectual property.