Corporate, M & A

Services, provided through the practice of corporate law, are required practically by all our Clients. Legislation, that regulates the activities of legal entities in terms of observance of corporate procedures, is one of the fastest growing.  With the continued improvement of legal mechanics,  strengthening of regulatory function of FFMS and toughening of responsibility of  subjects of regulation for the breaches of the law, a constant monitoring and timely response to changing norms of corporate law have an important meaning.

In addition to corporate proceedures support we also provide our customers with services for M&A transactions (mergers and acquisitions). We are always happy to see the growth in business activity of our customers and are ready to create all necessary conditions to provide legal support for consolidation of their assets. If necessary,  our assistance will be also provided to accompany the sale of assets or in the event of a hostile takeover attempt of your business.