Litigation and Arbitration Practice

The firm provides legal advice and legal representation at all stages of dispute resolution, including disputes under consideration by a federal arbitration courts, as in most cases the final decision is taken on the level of the cassation. Also in the interests of our clients we conduct a comprehensive pre-trial elaboration of the main and alternative legal positions in a possible litigation.

Each year, our lawyers are involved in more than 50 trials. Legal representation and representation of clients' interests are provided by our lawyers from the perspectives of the case being investigated in higher courts.


  • Legal support for pre-trial negotiation process and procedure of claim (pre-trial) resolution of the dispute;
  • The legal representation of the principal;
  • A comprehensive legal analysis of all the circumstances of the litigation and all the possible legal consequences of judicial decisions for the business of the principal;
  • Working out the legal position in the litigation (taking into account possible decisions of the courts of various levels and relevant jurisprudence on the level of each instance in substence of the case);
  • Preparation of claims, appeals, cassational appeals and other procedural documents.